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OLIMP® products are the best among those ones which modern paint-and-varnish industry has designed in response to consumers’ preferences, Russian construction companies’ demands and prevailing weather conditions in the regions of Russia.


Olimp® Acrylic And Latex Paints

Acrylic and latex paints are the most popular with Russian builders if concrete, plastered or other mineral surfaces are to get painted. OLIMP® is a well-balanced line of water dispersion paint offered for consumers.
• ALPHA is a matt latex paint for ceilings
• BETA is a matt latex paint for ceilings and walls
• GAMMA is a washable matt acrylic paint for ceilings and walls
• DELTA is a washable silk and gloss acrylic paint for ceilings and walls
• SIGMA is a matt acrylic exterior paint
• EPSILON is a textured vandal-proof exterior paint with quartz fillers
• FLEXIBLE is matt latex cracking resistant washable paint
• ALL-SEASON is a matt acrylic exterior paint to be used within the weather temperature range  from  –20°С to +35°С
FLEXIBLE OLIMP® cracking resistant paint could be chosen among the mentioned products as the most interesting decision for interiors. It is a special latex polymeric compound that makes the paint super flexible. Thus, the painted surface is guaranteed to resist cracking during the whole service life. FLEXIBLE OLIMP® is ideal for both painting in new buildings liable to shrinkage and repair works in the course of time.
FLEXIBLE OLIMP® demonstrates purely white colour and gives a one coat enduring coverage because of titanium dioxide (TiO2) high content. FLEXIBLE OLIMP® is suitable for interiors with hard maintenance conditions and to be frequently washed because of its water resistance. Present-day construction business requires high productivity and demands on new standards of finishing products.
ALL-SEASON OLIMP® acrylic organic solvent based paint has been developed for finishing works at the temperature as low as –20°С to make high quality coating of exteriors during all year round including winter season.
As ALL-SEASON OLIMP® provides the best characteristics of high quality acrylic paints, such as endurance, durability, and extreme weather conditions resistance that is why it requires less priming of the surfaces. The organic solvent of its content deeply penetrates into the microporous surface of mineral bases, partially removes remained grease providing higher adhesion. ALL-SEASON OLIMP® allows assured painting when it rains because of quick formation of a film while the coated surface is drying.

Wood Protective Products

Wood is one the main building materials in Russia. In most cases, Russian consumers prefer preserving and emphasizing the natural wood texture. Thus, the special OMICRON® glaze decorative and protective products are included in OLIMP® Wood Protective line. OMICRON® is a multi-purpose wood protection system which protective and decorative characteristics meet the strictest requirements of the Russian consumers.
The system consists of four complementary alkyd added products
• OMICRON® Primer is a clear composition for undercoat and bioprotective treatment of wood before coverage with preservatives, varnishes, or paints. It twice prolongs the finish service period.
• OMICRON® STANDARD is a deeply penetrating glaze decorative and protective formula for all types of wood. One or two coats of it make the surface matt. It contains bioprotective components. OMICRON® STANDARD is effective in wood proof no less than 4 years.
• OMICRON® MAXIMUM is a semi-matt thixotropic glaze decorative and protective formula for all types of wood. One or two coats of it make the surface semi-matt. It contains UF-filter and bioprotective components.  OMICRON® MAXIMUM is effective in wood proof no less than 5 years.
• OMICRON® GEL is a matt glaze decorative and protective gel for all types of wood. It makes the surface silk matt. Its effect is intensified with double UF-filter and wax. It is effective in wood proof no less than 7 years.
The most environmentally friendly product among the glaze wood protective ones is ECOLAZURE OLIMP®. There are no organic solvents in its formula. A special acrylic polymer deeply penetrating into the wood makes the protective characteristics and durability of ECOLAZURE no worse than of any usually used alkyd product. Bioprotective additives and UF-filters of the ECOLAZURE formula provide extra protection strength.
It is easy and pleasant to use the ECOLAZURE. The substance covers the surface evenly without patches, produces practically no odour. It takes minimum time when it gets dry for you to put the second coating. The wooden surface gets a unique painted look because of thorough choice of colours and light resistant glaze pigmentations. The painted surface looks as if shining from inside.
OLIMP® offers a well balanced collection of specialized products to protect and paint wood; it includes fire resistant and bioprotective formula, products for intensive protection against mould, alkyd-urethane and acrylic vanishes, linseed oil based paints.

Alkyd Paints, Enamels And Vanishes

Traditionally, alkyd and alkyd-urethane paints and vanishes are still in great demand in Russia. Alkyd based vanishes and paints produced by OLIMP® are of professional level and precise purpose. You will find special products with excellent references practically for all purpose of painting – for windows and ceilings, concrete floors, heating devices, wooden exterior surfaces as well as to protect from rust or to varnish parquet.

Protection Of Natural And Artificial Stone

The main task for you while covering natural or artificial stone is to protect it substantially but without changing its surface appearance. OLIMP® has developed several specialized products – lime and cement remover for brick walls and masonry after building and finishing works, saline stain remover from brick walls and artificial masonry, waterproof agent for effective protection of mineral surfaces from dampness, and special vanish to protect surfaces and make a “wet stone” appearance.

Products For Sealing And Assembly Works

OLIMP® makes high quality polyurethane foams, different silicone acrylic and other sealers for both professional and household use. It is possible to apply OLIMP® construction foams all year round at temperature ranging from –18°С to +30°С.

Olimp® Tinting Solution

Our company and CPS Color® Group have jointly developed DEKART® Color computer tinting system especially for OLIMP® paints, enamels, vanishes, and plasters. The system provides excellent colour shade accuracy in accordance with the samples presented in RAL, Monicolor, Color Trend, NCS, TROX, Colтec Wood Colour Marketing Materials.
You can find DEKART® Color Studios in more than 70 cities of Russia.
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ОЛИМП Уничтожитель вредителей древесины

Состав для уничтожения и долговременной защиты древесины от поражения насекомыми-древоточцами и плесеневыми грибами. Антисептик применяется для обработки различных поверхностей из древесины: фасады, стены, полы, потолки, настилы, лаги, рамы, обрешетки, ограды.
from 336 руб.

ОЛИМП Kухня и Ванная – краска стойкая к влаге и плесени

Стойкая к влаге и плесени белоснежная краска для легкой и быстрой окраски стен и потолков в помещениях с  повышенной и нормальной влажностью: кухни, ванные комнаты, гостиные, спальни, детские комнаты, кабинеты, холлы, коридоры, залы, офисы, учебные классы и т. д.
from 243 руб.

ОЛИМП OSB Paint – акриловая краска для ОСП плит

Белая колеруемая акриловая фасадная краска для финишной окраски фасадов зданий, стен, потолков и архитектурных элементов из OSB (ОСП) плит. Применяется снаружи и внутри помещений.
from 226 руб.

ОЛИМП OSB Primer – акриловая грунтовка для ОСП плит

Белая акриловая фасадная грунтовка для грунтования ­перед финишной окраской или отделкой декоративными материалами фасадов зданий, стен, потолков и архитектурных элементов из OSB (ОСП) плит. Применяется снаружи и внутри помещений.
from 119 руб.
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