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JOBI® products have been developed in full compliance with German standards and technology. There are full line of water based sophisticated paints, enamels, varnishes, and plasters which can compete with most traditional solvent based products. All this products are environment friendly and at least not less durable and resistant in comparison with alkyd based paints and vanishes.

The most durable products among those used for covering brick, concrete, plastered, and other mineral content surfaces are:

  • JOBI® WaschFest is an interior acrylic paint for moist areas.
  • JOBI® LatexColor and JOBI® SeidenLatex are latex paints for interiors exposed to hard conditions.
  • JOBI® PutzEffektFarbe is an acrylic paint with a plaster effect.
  • JOBI® FassadPremium acrylic paint and JOBI® SiloxanFassad silicone paint are used for exterior surfaces.
  • JOBI® acrylic decorative plaster line offer a wide line of decorative effects at the facades and interior walls.
  • JOBI® acrylic enamels and acrylic-urethane vanishes line can be used at metal surfaces – as an alternative to solvent based products.
  • JOBI® EkoFarbe acrylic paint is distinguished from the others not only with super durability but with a certification allowing to apply it in hospitals and places for children.

Acrylic Enamels and Vanishes

JOBI® ecofriendly acrylic enamels and vanishes line is among the most innovated products. The main advantages of acrylic enamels over the majority of organic solvent enamels are:

  • bright white color and purity of light shades while tinting
  • absolutely easy application and smooth coverage
  • quick dry
  • environment friendly and odorless
  • very high durability

JOBI® acrylic enamels remain pure white for a long time and they are not liable to chalking and formation of cracks. The specialists and customers feedback indicates that JOBI® acrylic enamels are probably the best ones on the Russian market of paints and vanishes.

The JOBI® acrylic enamels line includes all purpose products such as JOBI® HochglanzAqualack(high gloss) and JOBI® SeidenmattAqualack (silk matt) enamels. There are special purpose products as well, such as JOBI® FensterAqualack for window and doors. Window frames have to be painted thoroughly and several times with extra waiting time needed. Super quick dry enamel will allow you to make your painting much faster. Surfaces covered with acrylic paints and vanishes are more durable and endured than those coated with oil paints or pentaphtalic enamels. One of the evident advantages of JOBI® FensterAqualack is adhesion resistance of the coated surfaces when windows are closed for a long while.

Decoration Products

JOBI® acrylic textural plasters are used for finish coating of exterior and interior surfaces. It is possible to create many of design patterns with them. JOBI® acrylic textural plasters are highly assessed by customers for easy work, visual texture accuracy, and super cracking resistance.

JOBI® acrylic textural plasters reveal excellent weather resistance and durability. You need only pumped spurt of water in order to refresh your exterior surfaces covered with JOBI®, acrylic textural plaster after many years. It guarantees excellent accuracy of colors while getting light or midrange tints.

The plaster can be tinted either with DEKART® Color computer system or with the JOBI® acrylic colorants. If you need a large volume of a tinted plaster for a shopping centre to be coated, for example, you can order a lot of the required colour shade at the factory.

JOBI® BuntsteinРutz plasters combine the advantages both of acrylic based products and contained natural marble in its durability and endurance. The surfaces covered with JOBI® BuntsteinРutz looks almost like natural stone according to its range of color shades and texture. The product is used successfully both for exterior and interior coating and decoration.

JOBI® Klassik VenezianisсhPutz is an ideal decorative product for unique interior design ideas. The pattern and texture of the surface covered with JOBI® Klassik VenezianisсhPutzlooks like a mirror-polished stone. The decorated surface formed with several semi-transparent coats of varying tints applied one by one. A highly experienced specialist can get a surface appearance that looks practically like marble, malachite, or jasper. The number of patterns is unlimited and depends just on the imagination of a customer or an expert’s creative style.

JOBI® Klassik VenezianisсhPutz &is a damp resistant product and it can be used covered with JOBI® Wachs für VenezianisсhPutz decorative and protective wax in steamy kitchens, bathrooms, saunas, and so on.

Organic Solvent-Based Paints and Vanishes

Organic solvent-based enamels and vanishes are still popular with the customers. And it is not only their conservatism, but also a quality-price ratio. Besides, the solvent-based products are still essential in some spheres.

JOBI® FlussigerKunststoff (Liquid Plastic) is among such products. It is a durable gloss paint based on chlorinated rubber resin . It is still essential for coating the surfaces constantly contacting with water or oil, for instance, swimming-pools, garage or factory floors, staircases and so on.

JOBI® YahtLack (alkyd-urethanet varnish) is developed for wood protection in sea, lake, or river water, strong mechanical exposure, and UF-sunrays.

We cannot go without organic solvents while producing enamel aerosols. JOBI® AerozolLack enamel aerosols are distinguished with high quality and colour range accuracy. JOBI® EffektSpray is ideal to imitate chrome-plated surfaces. JOBI® FluorSpray will be helpful if a super bright fluorescent effect is necessary to produce.

There are real champions among enamels, JOBI® TermoSpray, for example that is used to cover outside metal parts of fireplaces and stoves. JOBI® TermoSpray endures the temperature of 650°С with all characteristics of perfect appearance preserved.

Products for Sealing and Assembly Works

DEKART® offers high quality polyurethane foams, acrylic and silicone sealers JOBI®for both professional and household use. It is possible to apply JOBI® MontageSchaumfoams at any season (applying temperature from -18°С to ;+30°С). JOBI® MontageSchaum All Saison —18°С is the most innovative product –has a low level of secondary enlargement and a up to 65 liter foam output.

JOBI® Tinting Solution

Our company and CPS Color® Group have jointly developed DEKART® Color computer tinting system especially for JOBI® paints, enamels, vanishes, and plasters. The system provides excellent color accuracy in accordance with the samples presented in RAL, Monicolor, Colortrend, NCS, TROX, Colтec Wood Colour Marketing Materials. You can find DEKART® Color Studios in more than 74 cities of Russia.

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JOBI BUNTSTEINPUTZ GOLD [БунтштайнПутц Голд] – Гранитная цветная декоративная штукатурка для наружных и внутренних работ

Цветная декоративная штукатурка из натуральной гранитной крошки (размер зерна 0.4 мм). Гранитная штукатурка применяется для декоративной отделки и защиты фасадов и цоколей зданий, а также стен снаружи и внутри помещений. Структурная штукатурка образует эффектную цветную поверхность (натуральный гранит). Штукатурка идеально подходит для отделки коридоров, фойе, лестничных площадок и торговых залов.
from 1 136 руб.

JOBI AEROZOLLACK [АэрозольЛак] – Универсальная быстросохнущая атмосферостойкая эмаль-аэрозоль

Универсальная быстросохнущая атмосферостойкая эмаль-аэрозоль для наружных и внутренних работ. Применяется для окраски металла, дерева, бетона, камня, стекла, керамики и некоторых видов пластмасс.
from 189 руб.

JOBI BUNTSTEINРUTZ [БунтштайнПутц] – Мраморная цветная декоративная штукатурка для наружных и внутренних работ

Цветная декоративная штукатурка (структура натуральный мрамор, размер зерна 1.2 мм или 2 мм) применяется для декоративной отделки и защиты фасадов и цоколей зданий, а также стен снаружи и внутри помещений. Декоративная штукатурка образует эффектную цветную поверхность. Мраморная штукатурка идеально подходит для отделки коридоров, фойе, лестничных площадок и торговых залов.
from 3 409 руб.

JOBI EFFEKTSPRAY [ЭффектСпрей] – Универсальная быстросохнущая эмаль-аэрозоль с хром-эффектом

Универсальная быстросохнущая эмаль-аэрозоль с хром-эффектом для внутренних работ, для декоративной отделки различных элементов в интерьере. Придает окрашенной поверхности вид полированного металла. Применяется для окраски металла, дерева, бетона, камня, стекла, керамики и некоторых видов пластмасс.
from 243 руб.
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